3 Best Usha Sewing Machine

Updated on: September 2023

Best Usha Sewing Machine in 2023

User Manual: Mini Portable Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring

User Manual: Mini Portable Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2023

Sewing Machine Hub - gohilsew

Sewing Machine Hub - gohilsew
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2023
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  • rhinestone brushing machine
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Gohil Sewing Machine

Gohil Sewing Machine
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2023
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  • juki
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  • g-tek
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A Simple Handmade Quilt for Babies and Toddlers

This is a great gift idea for babies, babies to be and toddlers. This is an easy to make quilt and it requires very little time on a sewing machine.

An easy Quilted Blanket


1) 1 Pre-fabricated Quilted blanket panel (Wal-Mart $6.99 to $15.00) there are an assortment of prints and colors to choose from.

2) Edging ribbon (This ribbon goes along the sides of the quilt)
Ribbon comes in an assortment of colors and fabrics. You can choose between satin and lace or cotton. The ribbon runs about $ 2.00 and up. Also it is easier to work with ribbon that is precut down the middle so that the quilted blanket can just slid inside of the edging ribbon. This helps to distribute the edging ribbon evenly on both sides of the quilt.

3) If you are unsure how much edging ribbon to buy ask the sales clerk to measure it out for you. Make sure to buy a little extra ribbon. It's ok to have more than enough rather than not enough.

4) Sewing thread ( Try to get this the same color as the ribbon so it blends nicely)

5) Sewing Machine or you may sew this by hand

6) If you sew by hand you will also need a Needle

7) Pins (to secure edging ribbon)

9) Scissors

8) If you would like you could buy ribbon for little bows to sew onto the quilt.


Take your pre-quilted panel and run it along the inside of the edging ribbon. Pin the edging ribbon in place on the quilt to secure it for sewing. You will want to make sure the ribbon is even on both sides of the quilt as you pin. You should place a pin about ever two inches.

After all pins are in place double check both sides to make sure edging ribbon is secure and balanced evenly.

Then begin sewing. Remove pins as you sew.

Cut off the excess edging ribbon.

This is an easy project and it is very rewarding. I remember my first baby quilt I made. I was so proud even though the stitching was crooked. The mom to be loved the quilt and my efforts for something handmade and personal. The stitching that was a little crooked went unnoticed because it came from my hands and my heart. My little niece only knew it was bright and colorful. It became her blankey.

I began sewing little quilts for all the babies born into our family. Most of these quilts still get carried around and some are now used as nap blankets and travel blankets because of their compact size. They are great for traveling and they have so many uses; like covering the window to protect baby from the sun or to shield baby from the air conditioning and the list goes on. Children really love them!

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